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Bold Beginnings

The late 19th century ushered in a period of innovation and industrialization in Jefferson County, West Virginia. The development of railroads, manufacturing, and mining spurred an economic boom in the Shenandoah Valley. Rapid industry growth required a capable workforce and the establishment of new communities for people to live in—and love.

In 1890, the Charles Town Mining, Manufacturing, and Improvement Company bought 850 acres of land adjacent to Charles Town, purchasing the largest tract of land from the Ranson family. The company commissioned D.G. Howell, a civil engineer and architect, to create a town that mirrored the character of its mountain setting. In 1910, the town was officially incorporated and was named in honor of Dr. James Ranson, a farmer and a dentist who called it home.

Then and now, our hamlet in the Blue Ridge Foothills bursts with heritage, tranquil beauty, and a spirit of adventure that must be embraced. From the quest for independence in Pre-Revolutionary America to the battles waged in the Civil War, our regional history is triumphant and tumultuous. In Ranson, we preserve the memory of the past and approach the present with authenticity and optimism. From horse racing and outdoor recreation to arts and culture, Ranson is the perfect springboard for every Shenandoah adventure.

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