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Christmas Events 2023

Ranson Holidays: Lighting Hearts, Strengthening Community, and Creating Joyful Memories!

In Ranson, our holiday celebrations start with the magical Tree Lighting Ceremony, an event that brings the community together in a festive spirit. As the Christmas tree lights up, it signifies the start of a season filled with joy and togetherness. This is closely followed by the vibrant Christmas Parade, a colorful extravaganza of floats, bands, and entertainers, which brings delight to all ages and showcases our community’s holiday spirit and creativity.

Adding to the festivities, our “Light the Cities” initiative connects Ranson with neighboring areas, creating a stunning winter wonderland of lights and decorations. This collaborative effort fosters unity and spreads holiday cheer far and wide. Then, there’s the unique “Pizza with Santa” event, combining the excitement of meeting Santa with the fun of enjoying pizza, creating a perfect setting for family enjoyment and making lasting holiday memories. These events collectively capture the essence of the holiday season in Ranson, filled with warmth, excitement, and a strong sense of community.

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